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Teenage mutant turtle considers career in accounting

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DALESPORT – Gregory Pfieffer, 17, has never tried to hide the fact that he is a mutant turtle. While members of other hybrid human subspecies tend to avoid most social interactions, Gregory says he has thrived on it. But now as Gregory enters young adulthood, he admits to having some difficulty in choosing a career field. He says he is torn between training to become a ninja (his adoptive parents’ preference) or becoming a certified public accountant.

“I know ninjas probably get loads of bounty money and all the chicks they can handle, but its a tough job market right now, ” Gregory told the Daily Debacle, “When I factor lifetime earning potential and public demand for accounting services, it makes me lean heavily towards accounting.”

Gregory’s father however, says choosing accounting could be a big mistake. “A good ninja is worth his wages. Gregory is perfectly suited for ninjutsu and already handles a bo staff remarkably well. He also looks great wearing any of the various colored eye masks that I’ve purchased for him,” David Pfieffer said.

David’s mother says she’s leaving the decision up to her son. “He’ll make the right choice,” Mary Pfieffer said, “For extra support, we’ve hired a private career counselor for Gregory, who also happens to be an anthropomorphic rat with a keen sense of smell.”

Mrs. Pfierffer said the family is planning to hold their first sessions with the guidance counselor early next week.

Written by ikeusa

March 19, 2009 at 8:18 pm