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“Slumdog” Price is Right contestant wants movie deal

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HOLLYWOOD – Amar Gupta has a shiny new set of golf clubs yet he’s never played a round of golf in his life.  He can tell you the average price of a box of Rice O Roni, give or take a few pennies, yet he readily admits he hates the stuff. What can explain this assortment of odd paradoxes trapped inside one socially akward and poorly dressed man? One thing: Last week, Mr. Gupta was a contestant on the Price is Right.

Mr. Gupta said he enjoyed his brief brush with television fame.  He correctly guessed the price of a deep freezer and won a prize, that’s how he got the golf clubs.  His experience ended in the next round when he rolled a meager $.45 on the big wheel.

His fortunes brightened after the show when his formerly ex-girlfriend saw him on television and said that she wanted to get back together. 

Now Mr. Gupta is on a new quest: to find someone to shoot a film about his experiences.  “I saw Slumdog Millionaire with my girlfriend and thought, ‘hey, that could be me!'” Mr. Gupta said.   He admits that he’s never been to India (his grandparents immigrated from India in the 1960’s) yet he feels his suburban upbringing could add a new plot twist to a popular storyline.

“I want people to know that I’m open to a movie deal. Especially people who own a film production company, that would be preferable,” Mr Gupta said.

Written by ikeusa

March 12, 2009 at 6:26 am