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Birds returning to homes trashed by election ’08

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BRIDGEPORT – A recent survey of North American migratory birds finds that many are returning to bird houses plastered with miniature yard signs from the last U.S. presidential election.

“Migratory birds don’t deserve the hardship imposed on them by tiny Obama signs hot glued to their place of residence,” says Jenny Fowler, President of the Avian Rights Task Force. ┬áMs. Fowler said that the homes of migratory birds are easy targets for political operatives who seize even the smallest areas of available advertising space for their respective campaigns.

Squeakers, an American Robin who jet sets each September to Mexico, said she was frustrated to find the entrance of her house sealed off by a small “McCain-Palin” banner. “I’ve got to hand it to my human counterparts; they’ve given me proper justification for defecating on their recently washed Volvos,” she said.

Repeated Twitter messages to the former campaign managers for Senator John McCain and President Barack Obama were not immediately returned in kind.

Written by ikeusa

March 16, 2009 at 8:37 pm