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McCain bites Jack Russell

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Just days after tongue-lashing a New York Times reporter for inquiring into alleged conversations with Senator John Kerry in 2004, Republican presidential hopeful John McCain bit a Jack Russell terrier.

“We clearly did not see this coming,” said Tony Whinestone, campaign advisor to Mr. McCain, “It never would have occurred to me to advise the senator against such an activity.”

The incident occurred after an impromptu press conference in which another New York Times reporter asked Mr. McCain about the alleged tongue-lashing. “My friends, I do not wish to discuss alleged tongue lashings that I might have dispensed to certain miscreants inquiring into conversations that allegedly occurred in 2004,” Mr. McCain huffed.

Mr. McCain then ran into a nearby dog park and bit the tail of a visibly frightened Jack Russell terrier.

“I think he might have anger problems,” noted 74-year-old Brax Baker who observed the debacle, “I bit a St. Bernard once, but only because he was trying to rescue me from a porterhouse steak I was devouring.”

Written by ikeusa

March 10, 2008 at 9:02 am