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On Vacation. In the meantime…

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My wife and I will be on vacation for the next couple of days, so there will be no new ‘Debacles’ until March 26, 2009. *hard frown* In the meantime, I’m reposting some of my favorite Daily Debacle entries from the “old” archive.  These will be posted every couple of days until next weekend.  Thanks and, those of you in the Northern Hemisphere, enjoy the beginning of Spring!

Wednesday, August 18, 2004
Bush to Djibouti: Make name easier to pronounce
President contends ‘easier phonics promote freedom and stability’

In his speech, the President suggested two alternate spellings for the small African country including “Jabootee” and “East Africa”, both of which, the President suggests “have not been used yet” by other countries.

The speech came on the heels of a recent congressional report concerning the nation of Azerbaijan and its inherently “sloppy phonetical construction”. The Justice department has said it would be willing to send a delegation of linguists and scholars to help correct the problem, should the country request it.

There is no word yet whether either country will comply, but the President said Monday he remains steadfast in his efforts to rid the world of “poor spelling which leads to terror and confusion”.

He also expressed his disappointment in congress’s failure to ratify a new constitutional amendment which would rename Hawaii and transform Oklahoma into “Northern Texas”.

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