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Nasa probe to search for life in GOP

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After multiple attempts by the Democratic party and several conservative bloggers to confirm the existence of life within the ranks of the Republican Party, NASA announced today that it has launched a unmanned drone to gather more data.

“The drone’s mission is straightforward,” said Amak Hulbert, Director of Terrestrial Exploration. “It will systematically explore locations where Republicans have been known to congregate with the hope of finding DNA material.”

The $56 million ground based drone, which was partially funded through the stimulus package, will spend the next three months traversing casinos, coffeehouses, and convention centers. It comes equipped with an audio motherboard programmed to play The Pretenders “My City Was Gone”, the Rush Limbaugh theme song.

A NASA spokesperson would not confirm whether the agency believed the efforts would be successful. “I can only say the creation of the drone resulted in several family wage jobs.”

Written by ikeusa

March 9, 2009 at 1:44 am

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